About us

Our company was founded in 1993. It specializes in food production and uses innovative approaches in the technological process and marketing. The quality of Vietnamese tea has reached a high level over the past 15 years and meets the standards of countries such as the EU, USA, India.

We constantly strive to improve the equipment for the production of various categories of food, conduct research, produce new products that meet the needs of both the domestic market and the world and also create new categories of food products located at the intersection of categories.
Our main goal is to produce healthy food products using innovations in the technological process and natural ingredients. We take full advantage of the availability of a large number of tropical fruits, spices, coffee.
For example, by combining fresh fruit and tea, we were able to create an innovative product JUICYtea. For the production of 2000 kg of JUICYtea, we use 20,000 kg of fresh pineapple or ginger.
Because of

— advanced modern production

— experienced team of employees

— attracting the world's best marketing specialists

— distribution and advertising specialists

— proactive creative approach to working with new categories of food

We always offer our customers unique products of the best quality. We always take care of our consumers and partners. For customers, we offer unique products at the intersection of categories, with unique consumer properties.
They differ visually, in taste, aroma, and in functional value aimed at maintaining the well-being of our consumers, enjoying the taste, functional properties of the components included in our products.
Partners are more than just partners for us. Our goal is to provide them with unique products that protect them from direct competition, thereby ensuring a high level of income and unique conditions of cooperation for the development and protection of sales in the territories.

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